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President’s Day Craft…

February 28, 2012

Have you ever planned everything out just so, to find that you didn’t plan very well?  Yep, I know that feeling.  In the beginning of January, I planned out all of our crafts for January and February.  I put my plans together and put them all in my lesson plan binder.  So, last weekend when I was getting everything together for the week,I,  of course, wanted to get our craft supplies together, only to discover that I had not put my President’s Day craft plans into my binder.  Where they ended up, nobody knows.  A week later and I still have not found them.  So, I did what any mom would do.  I searched the web to find new crafts.  Of course I couldn’t find the original ones!! 

I found the idea to make Abraham Lincoln’s famous tall hat!  I couldn’t find specific directions so we winged it! 

Supplies for 1 Hat

1 paper plate

2 sheets of black construction paper (9” x 12”)

Black markers or paint

Tape – Lots of Tape!!!!



1.  Cut the center out of each paper plate – reserve the center for the top of the hat.


2.  Color both sides of the rim black. 


3.  Color one side of the reserved center black.


4.  Slightly overlap the two pieces of black construction paper and tape together


5.  Roll the black construction paper and slip the rim over the top.  Let the roll of paper expand to fit the rim.  Before pushing the rim to the bottom, tape the roll of paper to secure it. 


6.  Push the brim almost down to the bottom.  Tape brim to paper at the quarters of the circle on the top and bottom.


7.  Flip hat over and place 4 pieces of tape on the inside of hat.  Fold the piece of tape to 90 degree angles so that the sticky side is facing up.


8.  Place the reserved center of plate on the top.  Flip over to press tape firmly to top.


There you have Honest Abe’s Famous hat!!!  The hat that added 6 additional inches to his already 6’4” figure! 

The kids had a great time making these and modeling them afterwards. 





How did you celebrate President’s Day?


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