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Stained Glass Snowflakes..

January 24, 2012

Our craft last week was to make stained glass snowflakes. I see stained glass apples, butterflies, turkeys all the time. I figured why not try making a snowflake.

I used this tutorial that I found to cut the snowflakes.

We used a heavier paper, so I had to help the kids a bit. Captain America could not cut his at all, so he instructed me on how he wanted me to cut his. Here is a peek at what his looked like.

Julie wanted to cut hers on her own. She made a good attempt at it. After she cut it, she called it her “Snowflake Christmas Tree.” Needless to say, we had to try again!

The second time around she didn’t cut all the way to the edges and she came out with a beautiful snowflake.

(Note Julie  has perfect vision!  She just loves the 3D glasses she got when we went to the movies!!  Yep that’s my beautiful girl!)

The next step was to take tissue paper squares and glue them to the back of the snowflake. (I found our tissue paper squares here,)

Captain America is all boy and was not very meticulous about the placement of his squares or covering all of his holes. The activity did hold his attention for about 30 minutes though! That is a good thing, especially when lil man is always FULL of energy!!!

Julie, on the other hand, was very careful to cover each and every square inch of the snowflake. She didn’t want a single hole left open. (You have to love the difference between boys and girls! That is what makes them so much fun!) After Julie’s snowflake dried, I wanted to trim the edges of her tissue paper but she did not want to change it.

Once dry we hung them in the window. Here are our final products.

Julie's Snowflake

Captain America's Snowflake

The kids had a great time making these and mom had a great time watching!!!

My Silly Monkeys

Do you have a winter craft that you have done with your kids? Share it with us below!


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  1. Aunt Nathelle permalink
    January 25, 2012 11:57 AM

    I love these snowflakes! Just like people, they are all individual and unique and show God’s wonderful handiwork. Julie and Capt. America are most creative, and so much fun! Thanks for sharing these very special moments.

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